The Whole Breadth of Reason: Rethinking Economics and Politics

The Whole Breadth of Reason: Rethinking Economics and Politics

14th-17th September 2011
The recent economic crisis and the rapid geo-political transformations (including recent events in Middle East and North-Africa) call for a re-thinking of the notion of human reason, especially economic and political “reason”.

The inadequacy of the dominant paradigms reducing economic reason to rational calculation on one side, and politics to mere realpolitik, is all too evident and has crucial ethical implications. Realism in facing crises requires more than technical, disciplinary and mechanistic approaches.
Patriarch Angelo Scola suggested that the current socio-economic and socio-political crises find their roots in the anthropological and cultural dimensions, ultimately removing the idea of person and community being actual protagonists of the economic and political spheres (A. Scola, Buone ragioni per la vita in comune, 2010, p. 58). Being protagonists requires freedom: not only as applied to the political dimension – focussing of freedom of peoples and nations – but first of all in its inner relationship with truth. True freedom implies the freedom to adhere to truth. (A. Scola, ibidem, p. 43).
The aim of the ASSET Summer School 2011 is to examine the complex links between rationality and freedom, economics and politics, exploring how best to develop and foster reasonable practices in the economy and in politics in a “wider” interdisciplinary perspective. Academics, researchers, professionals, journalists are called to reflect upon the full breadth of human experience, mind and heart, courageously overcoming narrow disciplinary perspectives.

The ASSET Summer School is organized as follows:

- Morning lectures, held by invited speakers, followed by a first round of debate with discussants and participants (Academics, PhD students and Post-Docs, selected thorough an international call for papers; a restricted numbers of practitioners, policy makers, entrepreneurs from the Venice area are also invited)
- Afternoon panels, devoted to the in-depth discussion of morning lectures, presentation and floor discussion of participants’ communications, selected on the basis of the international Call for Papers.


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